Fitness is not wellness - MAOW PRO
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Fitness is not wellness

We all want to look and feel our best. The largest markets in the world revolve around sports, fitness, and health. With a constant bombardment of the next “miracle pill” or specialized fitness program to get instant and dramatic results, the lines between wellness and fitness can be dramatically distorted.


Wellness and fitness are not mutually inclusive. In fact, we can seek the goal of fitness while completely neglecting wellness.


Wellness is a state that permeates the entire organism. It revolves around the totality of the science of balance in the organism. It is strength through and through in the entire organism. Fitness is defined as: “the ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment.” Fitness is the mastery of performance and action, but does not guarantee or even remotely reflect the internal strength of wellness.


Examples of the difference between fitness and wellness lie in what appears to be paradoxes of athletes in good and fit shape suffering from weaknesses, due to the exclusion of wellness in their training.


Why can an athlete who is a top specimen of speed, power, and shape, suffer from a heart attack in their prime? Or professional runners and gymnasts who should be fine-tuned in muscle, bone, and ligaments, suffer sudden tears in ligaments and joints that do not repair quickly and sometimes can even last a lifetime?


Why does the brain tissue not regenerate in a football players’ concussions?


How can a person at such a high level of performance and physical fitness suffer from an autoimmune condition?


In fact, could a person at a heightened level of fitness actually be destroying the capacity to maintain wellness?


It is happening all around us, but we are missing the signals. Playing sports or training for hours at a time while in a heightened state of pressure can create strain on the nervous system daily. As a result, the body will ultimately and inevitably create autoimmune problems, rejecting its own ability to rest, digest, and express its natural parasympathetic function.


This can absolutely be prevented by targeting the body’s wellness and fitness at all times throughout training.  By going deeper into the body’s internal and electromagnetic paradigm you can work with both training the body’s overall energy and performance conditioning along with re-mineralizing the body versus depleting it. This specialized type of training that works with the polarity of the body’s forces is the missing link to healing chronic injuries and developing impressive leaps in all arenas of performance.