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Programs & Services

Custom Training with MAOW Pro

Consult privately with MAOW Pro in the following areas:


• Performance mastery and enhancement using Maow Pro training.


• Rapid recovery of chronic injuries for surgical prevention or post-surgical rapid repair to ensure optimal recovery and prevent future damage.  MAOW Pro is available to travel Worldwide to intervene with serious athletic injuries when needed.


• Total wellness assessment- MAOW Pro will track and assess your forces and set up programs to specifically address all core weaknesses for dramatic improvement

Group Introduction to Maow Pro™

Meet MAOW Pro and learn the Science of Maow Pro and how the body builds and shifts its electrical force dramatically through position and direction to influence performance immediately and stimulate cellular repair.


1 Day Training – 6 Hours – Maximum 10 Players


You will learn:


• How to engage the body’s core magnetism for elevating performance and enhancing strength, heat and power.


• Using the Maow positions and directions to connect to your elements to unleash your force along with totally new mechanics.


• Force insertion – How to harness a force  through your body to channel power for 100%  percent of your game.

Team Performance

Beginner and Advanced Maow Programs available to:


• Certify and train trainers and athletes to understand the balance of power and healing through the body’s magnetism for performance enhancement,  injury prevention and rapid healing.


• Pre-game workout Maow Pro , Post game Maow Pro– designed to work with the body’s needs at different times of the day to optimize the building and training of energy force zones.